Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

У нового Марка новая система автофокуса и чувствительность до 102,400 (привет Никону). Rob Galbraith подробно, на двух страницах, рассказывает, что скрывается за восторженными словами официального пресс-релиза.

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV image courtesy of Canon

А Vincent Laforet снова снял потрясное видео:

I then started to play with the settings, pointing my light into an area in complete shadow (my eye saw nothing but black) but on the rear of the LCD I saw sharp, green leaves as crystal clear as if it were shot in daylight.

I think it’s safe to say that every single filmmaker and photographer has always dreamed of cameras that can see what our naked eyes can see.  This time these cameras can actually see more.   Sure – they may not have the dynamic ranges of our eyes just yet – but they see more than my naked eyes can see in low light.


Фильм тут.

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